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    Quickly create live maps using your data to visualize information in the context of location. Make critical decisions in an informed manner. Enjoy an intuitive dashboard that empowers you to create maps and eliminates the need for experts to do geospatial processing. MapThat helps you collaborate with other teams and break the silos across datasets.

    Transform data

    Your Data

    Upload your data files or link open-data sources. MapThat validates data, geo-codes addresses and makes it ready for visualization.

    Transform data


    Layer multiple data sets, choose visualizations, colors, icons and many more..

    Transform data

    Beautiful Interactive Map

    It is easy to see trends and generate meaningful insights from the interactive maps.

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    Mapthat gives you the power to combine data sets, integrate and track updates in real-time, and create insightful visualizations for place-based decision making.

    Create maps, Not Code

    Work on understanding the story of your data - not on writing code. Create a map, add your data and style using intuitive drag and drop features. Make location based decisions within minutes, without a single line of code.

    Your map, your style.

    MapThat offers templates and endless styling options to customize your maps. Choose from variety of map styles, visualizations, icons, sizes and colors to fit your style, to seamlessly embed the map on your website.

    Geo enable your data.

    Need to work with addresses in your data? No problem. MapThat translates your addresses to map coordinates to create interactive maps. Geo code your data, create map visuals, and understand the power of “where”.

    Performance and Scale

    Map large volume of data, with multiple layers! MapThat provides unique blend of interactivity with scale.

    Layer it on.

    MapThat allows the combination of multiple mapping layers to reveal underlying relations by combining datasets on the map. Derive meaningful insights from geospatial data relationships.


    Bubble maps, heat maps, choropleth maps, drop pins, numbered lists and more can be united on a map.

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    Our community


    Join the many organizations and government departments that rely on MapThat to deliver fast, beautiful and robust location intelligence.

    Data Scientists

    Join the growing community of data scientists that use MapThat to analyze and visualize data, surfacing hidden insights.

    Web Developers

    Join the community of web developers, who use MapThat to tell the stories hidden in data in context of their websites and web applications.

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